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Enjoy your self journey even more with one of our powerful clitorial stimulants. Guaranteed to relax your mind, body, and soul!


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Skins Mini's The Scream Egg
Maia Tulip Suction VibeMaia Tulip Suction Vibe
Maia Tulip Suction Vibe Sale price$72.22
Shegasm Sucky Ducky 7x Clitoral StimulatorShegasm Sucky Ducky 7x Clitoral Stimulator
Zalo Queen Set G-Spot Pulse WaveZalo Queen Set G-Spot Pulse Wave
Shegasm Joy-Pulse 7X Pulsing Silicone Air-Stim VibeShegasm Joy-Pulse 7X Pulsing Silicone Air-Stim Vibe
Naughty Bits Suck Buddy Playful MassagerNaughty Bits Suck Buddy Playful Massager
Mini Marvels Marvelous FlickerMini Marvels Marvelous Flicker
Clit Kisser Intensely Powerful Tantalizing TongueClit Kisser Intensely Powerful Tantalizing Tongue
Gyrating Sensations Pleasing FlutterGyrating Sensations Pleasing Flutter
Elegance Dreamy Oral Clitoral StimulatorElegance Dreamy Oral Clitoral Stimulator
INYA The RoseINYA The Rose
INYA The Rose Sale price$55.55
INYA The KissINYA The Kiss
INYA The Kiss Sale price$44.44
INYA The BloomINYA The Bloom
INYA The Bloom Sale price$55.00
Shegasm 8x Tandem Plus Suction Clitoral Stimulator & Vibrating EggShegasm 8x Tandem Plus Suction Clitoral Stimulator & Vibrating Egg
Bloomgasm 10x Clitoral StimulatorBloomgasm 10x Clitoral Stimulator
Voodoo Beso Flower PowerVoodoo Beso Flower Power
Voodoo Beso Flower Power Sale price$54.44
Hello Sexy Petal To The Metal
Blossom Sale price$57.77
Loe The RoseLoe The Rose
Loe The Rose Sale price$49.99