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Take your fantasies to the next step with one of our personal pleasers! Guaranteed to hit the (G)Spot!!


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Icicles No.24-Pink 6"Icicles No.24-Pink 6"
Icicles No.24-Pink 6" Sale price$54.44
Icicles No.7-Pink Speckels 7"Icicles No.7-Pink Speckels 7"
Crystal Premium Glass G Spot Wand-PinkCrystal Premium Glass G Spot Wand-Pink
Icicles No.5-Blue Swirl 7"Icicles No.5-Blue Swirl 7"
Firefly Glass G Spot Glow WandFirefly Glass G Spot Glow Wand
Glas Double Bulbous Dildo
Glas Double Bulbous Dildo Sale price$27.77
Crystal Heart Of GlassCrystal Heart Of Glass
Crystal Heart Of Glass Sale price$37.77
Addiction Party Marty 7.5"Addiction Party Marty 7.5"
Avant D15 Vision Of LoveAvant D15 Vision Of Love
Avant D15 Vision Of Love Sale price$33.33
Neo Elite Glow In The Dark Silicone Dual Density 7.5"Neo Elite Glow In The Dark Silicone Dual Density 7.5"
Cocktails By AddictionCocktails By Addiction
Cocktails By Addiction Sale price$24.44
Crystal Addiction Straight Dong 8"Crystal Addiction Straight Dong 8"
Crystal Addiction Straight Dong 7"Crystal Addiction Straight Dong 7"
Colours Pleasures Tricolor 5"
Colours Pleasures Yum Yum 8"Colours Pleasures Yum Yum 8"
Colours Pleasures Yum Yum 7"Colours Pleasures Yum Yum 7"
Colours Pleasures Yum Yum 6"Colours Pleasures Yum Yum 6"
Neo Elite Glow In The Dark 7"Neo Elite Glow In The Dark 7"
Colours Pleasures 10"Colours Pleasures 10"
Colours Pleasures 10" Sale price$68.88
Get Lucky Jelly Dong 7"Get Lucky Jelly Dong 7"
Get Lucky Jelly Dong 7" Sale price$15.55
Vibratex The SilkyVibratex The Silky
Vibratex The Silky Sale price$19.99
Size Queen 10"Size Queen 10"
Size Queen 10" Sale price$45.55
Size Queen 8"Size Queen 8"
Size Queen 8" Sale price$29.99
Size Queen 6"Size Queen 6"
Size Queen 6" Sale price$21.21